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activedolls, the most beautiful virtual models

Home: Romania
Age: 22
Height:  5'9''
Measurements: 38C-25-36
Likes:  Moonlight, roses.
Dislikes:  Jealousy, cooking.
Activedolls 02Activedolls 07

Home: Germany
Age: 24
Height:  5'6''
Measurements: 34C-24-33
Likes:  Sexy lingerie, chocolate.
Dislikes:  dogs, spicy food.
Activedolls 11Activedolls 10

Home: USA
Age: 21
Height:  5'5''
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Likes:  Computers, dance.
Dislikes:  Rude people.
Activedolls 04Activedolls 14

Home: United Kingdom
Age: 25
Height:  5'6''
Measurements: 36B-26-35
Likes:  Fast cars, rubber.
Dislikes:  Bad kisses.
Activedolls 15Activedolls 13

Home: Australia
Age: 23
Height:  5'5''
Measurements: 36B-25-36
Likes:  Surf, ice creams.
Dislikes:  Slow drivers, prejudice.
Activedolls 16Activedolls 18

Home: Japan
Age: 20
Height:  5'2''
Measurements: 32B-22-32
Likes:  Flowers, italian food.
Dislikes:  Cheaters, punks.
Activedolls 05Activedolls 06

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