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Affiliate Program

Join the Girlvanic Studios Affiliate Program and provide the users of your website with access to the smoothest sex simulation in real time 3D for PC. Our program will earn you commissions on every sale referred from your site, while showing your users how to put the power of their PCs to good use. Our products are attractive one time purchases, without memberships and without subscriptions.

Earn commissions

Earn 40% commission on the sale amount (not including VAT if applicable) of every purchase of our products referred by your affiliate links, for a period up to 90 days after the referral. No processing fees.

Here are some statistics of our top 5 performing affiliates. Place a banner on your website, or write about our games, and start making money with your users' clicks.

September 2017Conv. ratioEarn per click
Affiliate A1/353$0.05
Affiliate B1/204$0.09
Affiliate C1/100$0.14
Affiliate D1/26$0.59
Affiliate E1/74$0.22

How does it work?

We provide you with all the tools you need to become an affiliate member. Just follow these steps:

  1. Join the Affiliate Program, it's easy and free. The referred sales are tracked, processed, and paid out by BMT Micro Inc., a leader in software distribution and order fulfillment founded in 1992: they have paid our affiliates timely since 2007.
  2. Place affiliate links on your website or blog to our games. Choose the promo tools that best suit your needs, or contact us if you need a custom-made creative with different size or artwork than those in our library.
  3. Every time a visitor clicks on your link, BMT Micro Inc. will track your referred visit; and if the visitor purchases any of our products within 90 days, BMT Micro will place 40% of the sale amount on your account.

How to join

Simply fill out the sign up form below, and you can start making money in minutes.
Notice: Trademark bidding and/or usage of trademarks in domain names or paid advertising text is prohibited. Sites based on or containing the following are not allowed: password trading, warez, links to torrents or file sharing sites, or any other illegal content or links or text promoting such. Any form of "spam" is prohibited.
If you have any questions about the program or would like more information, please send your question to

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Link to our games

Link to Girlvania: Summer Lust with the URL:
Replace BMT_AID with your BMT Micro Affiliate ID. Banners.

Link to Activedolls with the URL:
Replace BMT_AID with your BMT Micro Affiliate ID. Banners.